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About NEM

Natural Ecology Mitigation Limited (NEM) has been formed to deliver solutions to the threats facing our trees and, in the longer term, to alleviate further pollution and disease threats to the environment.

NEM is creating new technology, has taken exclusive licences on patented compounds and is working to validate the materials and methods which will protect our natural ecology.

The solution we will be applying is CuPC33, a patented, copper-based biocide/fungicide.  All of the components of this compound are GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) and listed in the FDA Food Codex

This is why, as a small British scientific company, we are seeking support to fund further research, field trials and regulatory approval of CuPC33, which has been developed specifically to combat tree diseases.

We have positive results against Chalara fraxinea (Ash dieback), Cryphonectria parasitica(Chestnut blight), Phytophthora cinnamomi(Phytophthora root rot), Massaria platani(Massaria disease of Plane), Ophiostoma novo-ulmi(the aggressive strain of Dutch Elm disease), Armillaria mellea(Honey fungus) and Venturia inaequalis(Apple scab) from in-vitro testing in the plant pathology laboratory at Reading University and we are now developing the applications for field trials of the treatment methods which will prove most effective against Chalara fraxinea and other destructive diseases.